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Binsher-iCook(OPC) Private Limited




Binsher-iCook(OPC) Private Limited
Food Processing Manufacturing (Micro enterprise)

The Indian Food and Beverage service Industry is one of the most vibrant industries that has seen unprecedented growth in the recent past and continues to expand rapidly. This can be attributed to the changing demographics, increase in disposable incomes, urbanisation, and growth of organised retail. The Homely Food segment is growing and has touched 450 Billion Dollars in US and India is catching up fast and there is a big opportunity in this segment. Life is becoming more busy, people are overall more health conscious. Given this there is an interest in home cooked food. Health is a primary driver for home cooked food. There have been many films and research to link fast food and processed food to the growing obesity problem. If we don’t stop the trend, the younger generation will be expected to die younger than the older generation for the first time in history. With the Food Industry making leaps and bounds, Home food has become the healthy food and Binsher -iCook intends to tap into this segment in an organised way. As we’re strong advocates and believe in the benefits of the idea of home cooked food and using technology and a model to make it available, we’re confident that there are opportunities and creative approaches to make this work somehow. Maybe there will be more Binsher - iCook based solutions appearing in more neighbourhoods across the state, given the demand. And if that is the case one can come in and try to integrate them with technology to allow users a seamless transaction (e.g., they order at a central location and order gets dispatched to local home-cooked food service).Overall, allowing for cottage food operations is an easy way that states can support the development of small businesses and increase the availability of local products. This will contribute richly to the tourism sector too wherein people get to taste the best traditional foods on its original forms.Taste and Quality is the best way to the heart and God's Own Country will not disappoint! For home Made foods, WOM and technology can create myriadsof opportunities and this is our strategy to tap the market. We are committed to protecting our brand integrity and maintaining customer trust by ensuring that the content of our products are safe, legal, high quality and accurately reflect any claims or statements that are made. We also want to lead our sector in sustainable production and consumption.We have a strong plan of sourcing with integrity. We are taking significant steps to improve the sourcing of key raw materials in our products. We will not be complacent and we will continually improve our approach to traceability and supply chain control to ensure the best raw materials are procured. We cannot do this alone – collaboration is pivotal and we are planning to create relationships that can nurture the farmers and farming societies. It will also help our endeavour to achieve the core objectives of homely foods.