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SME Kerala

Naturelite Paints
Chemicals Manufacturing (Small enterprise)

We are fully dedicated company that stands for delivering nature friendly paints to the society. Our passionate approach to innovation will lead a healthy and colourful explosion to fulfil the dreams. Intensive Researches by our scientists made plenty of inventions; keen to meet all committed deliverables without compromising its core values. It is our fresh commencement, paying attention to make invaluable paint products by keeping the quality at its most.

Silky Smooth Finish: Excellent adhesion

Color Retention: Scrub Resistance

Excellent Coverage: High Washability

Excellent Coverage: Long Durable

Excellent Adhesion: Weather Resistance

Color Retention: Anti Microbial

INR 3994/Piece

Economica: Low VOC

Best in class coverage: Green Assured

Environmentally responsible: Low Odour

Economica: Environmentally Responsible

Green Assured: Good Coverage

Low VOC: Low Odour

economical: low VOC

Green Assured: Best In Class Performance

Low Odour: