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SME Kerala

The Kerala Cearamics Ltd
Chemicals Manufacturing (Small enterprise)

The Kerala Ceramics Ltd is a Government of Kerala undertaking engaged in Clay mining and processing business for more than six decades. TKCL own a vast area of china clay mines for raw clay in KUNDARA of KOLLAM District in KERALA STATE. Our raw clay deposit is famous for its versatile optical properties, good surface texture and fineness, optimum viscosity and plasticity etc. owing to the distinct advantages of good brightness, fine particle size, and color characteristics. Products manufactured by the company are well accepted by paper and paint manufacturers. As part of enhancing production capacity and product quality, recently we have replaced all the process equipment with modern equipment. Present monthly Spray Dried Clay production capacity is in the range of 100-1500 MT . We are using organic chemical 'Flowsper' from SNF as our dispersent . Hence the dispersion demand is less and gives better coating property and glossiness. At present kerala Ceramics marketting two products,Kaolex for Paper Coating industries and rubber industries and Kaofil as a filler for high temparature refractory materials , insecticide, rubber products.

INR Rs 11400- 13000/ MT/Piece
INR Rs 9500 - 10200/ MT/Piece